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The New Science of Selling: Overview
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The New Science of Selling

How to produce consistent enterprise sales by applying science instead of brute force.



A properly trained and managed sales team is the difference between success and barely making it. Their ability to access top decision makers and tell a relevant, compelling story eliminates much of your competition. Their skills in getting the conversation started with the right person at the right time means consistent deal flow. Your sales team’s ability to resist discounting has a substantial impact on your bottom line because every point not discounted goes directly to profit. That’s why you need this course.


Here’s what you’re facing: you’re now selling to sophisticated, jaded buyers with more choice than ever before. It’s not enough for you to make them like you, give your best pitch, offer a discount, and pick up the order. If fact, that’s a recipe for disaster when going up against executives and their team. Try that, and they’ll never return your calls.


In this course, you’ll learn the new science of selling, how to dial into your buyer’s motivation and align so that they want to buy from you. Your ability to persuade is based on developing their motivation, not using worn-out convincer strategies (Don’t ever again say, “If I could show you how to save money, you’d be interested, wouldn’t you?”) Face it, most of the old-school sales techniques – as attractive as they seem – will get you disqualified, and for good reason. You’re about to learn that reason.


Here’s why: your value proposition has no meaning until aligns with your buying team’s objectives, priorities, and criteria. Do you know how to do that? After this course, you will! That’s the New Science of Selling.


This isn’t your father’s sales course. Instead of pitching features, advantages, and benefits, you’ll discover how to identify what your buyer values, how to naturally expand that perception of value, to position you as the only logical and emotional choice, no matter what your price.


You’ll learn the science of deal negotiation. What do you say when your buyer says, “I can get it cheaper somewhere else”? Or, “Give me your best price.”? Or, “You’ll have to sharpen your pencil to get this deal.”? You’ll learn the secrets of how to combat the dirty tricks that buyers play on sales people to get you to unnecessarily lower your price. This one skill will pay for this course over and over again.


You’ll find out how to work with multiple decision makers, the norm in today’s buying environment, how to position yourself as the go-to expert. Each of the decision makers has a different view of the world, a different vision of what creates value, and sometimes opposing needs you must resolve to get the deal. You’ll learn the science of dealing with the executive suite, including all new content not before published.


In this comprehensive discussion of selling into the enterprise, you’ll have a whole new view of the sales world, how to make it work for you, and how to make more profits than ever before.